Imagine Ron DeSantis Endorses Trump?

Imagine … Ron DeSantis coming out of the gate fully endorsing Trump as the dissevered leader of an evolutionary transition in American political history.

Let’s face it Trump alone led in 2015, he stood up and took all the incoming attacks. Trump was the Patriot who started this movement and he deserves Ron’s full support. I hope Ron is more than just a political gamesman and is a genuine freedom loving reformer. Together with Trump they could go down in American history as among our most influential forefathers.

Trump’s leadership has added more and more votes to the Republican ledger with every sequential election everywhere across America. Even across the world he has growing supporters. Remember Trump supported Ron DiSantis to his victory in 2018 and supported his landslide victory a few weeks ago.

Imagine … they stand together early on to light a fire of enthusiasm to solidify this growing movement. Imagine … both of them demanding responsible and accountable governance for America. Imagine … they reject the toxic political infighting and unite in a positive message on helping all Americans.

Imagine … they specifically target black and minority Hispanic demographics, creating in-roads to the disenfranchised and abused citizens trapped in inner-city warzones. Imagine … them leading and supporting positive upbuilding messages, partnering with leaders in these communities to help in building a better more unified America.

Imagine … these two Political Giants working together to lead in a positive direction, taking their unity message and making it the loudest most influential campaign in American history!

I dream the dream with imagination!


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