Trump’s a Hero … No He’s the Villain!

All The Power is With Donald Trump
And As President He Knows it.

trumpAs this rookie politician announced and began taking action after action, the powerful Elites laughed at his pomposity and grandiose persona. The media were quickly hypnotized by his bombastic, attention getting, unconventional and idiotic displays.

The joke was on Trump as they engaged and played with him, they all laughed him off and ridiculed him. All the while he was seducing them with the power of higher and higher ratings, they became drunk on their own perceived power grab.

Hey it’s time to wake-up … many can see that this Hero purposefully leverages and manipulates the media, they’re getting played. Trump used the media to access the “Real Power”, the Presidency.  The Media Elite’s cuddle together in the security of their own brilliant commentary. They find comfort in labeling Trump as a mere simpleton, a fool playing the role of President. Who’s really the fool, really?

Most in the Media have still yet to realize that Trump has already taken them over, he’s hijacked the power of communication away from them. He’s the man that in 140 characters will manipulate the news cycle of the day, they are dizzy from his constant spinning. From his power perch this Hero is still pulling the strings in their industry, they are in complete disbelief and denial.

We are witnessing a real-time hero-villain saga in action. Are we going to throw away our entire form of Government because we don’t like our naked Emperor?   The “Emperor has no cloths”, they say, yet his transparency is what worries those in power. This naked emperor is slowly removing the cloths from all those in power.

The more the power Elite’s and the Media attack him the more power he gains.  As they  point in disbelief that he’s crazy, the more power they lose. These bullies are in every corner of power, always attacking Trump. They are shocked that he dares to lash out in his own defense, “how un-Presidential”, they opine.

The people see Trump’s faults but elected him because he does push back, he dares to say what they are thinking.  He’s the President but people see him as a real genuine guy, like he’s the guy next door.  This infuriates those in power. They are so bigoted in their hatred of this man and his followers that they’ve yet to realize their own demise.

Sooner or later the media will come to realize they’re own nakedness. They have no power with the people, they’ve lost all credibility. This craziness will continue as long as the Elite’s believe that they must stop this crazy man.

He is the Crazy man! You can’t be playing his crazy game and expect to win.  Amazing complex stories about abuse of power have mostly been ignored by the Media, while they foam at the mouth 24/7 about Trump Russia collusion.   Few are willing to even report on what’s really happening in Washington.   They refuse to deal with the reality that Trump is President, and to many people, doing a really great job.

This simple man has MAN-HANDLED the media, the so-called watchdog on power.   We “the people” watch in amazement how these fools have become so corrupt. Corrupted by the very power they are suppose to be entrusted to oversee.  Rather than monitor and check power they have taken sides, and lost.   Donald Trump has taken down one big polluted power structure corrupting our nation, the Mainstream Media.

The people took back their power following the system of our historical contract called the United States Constitution. By the power of the Vote and the Electoral College this man was chosen. Trump knew to leverage the power of media to mobilize the people, and now the real power, the Presidency, is his.

The crazier things get the better for Trump, he loves it all.   The craziness will not diminish until the Media returns to sanity and starts doing it’s job again. When they actually start dealing with the reality that Donald Trump has all the power, he is doing exactly what he wants pursuing his own grandiose vision for America.

Until the rest of the the power structures in Washington acknowledge and support the genuine rule of law, the President will continue to clean house. The only way to manage him is through him, remember he’s the President. The only method to control this perceived maniac is by using the reigns of admiration and accolades all of which he justly deserves.

Once the system has purged itself from all those corrupted by power, Trump will then take his exit from the stage. Be it three more years or seven, one thing is already absolutely certain; he will go down in history as one of the most influential Presidents of all time.

Is Trump a Hero or a Villain … which side are you on?


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