Leveraging Progressive Political Tactics to Dominate The World of Politics.

Donald Trump is a novice and is naive in world politics. He’s kind of a Neanderthal bully, disrespecting America, creating chaos and destabilizing long established norms of discourse and civility.  How is it that Trump is seemingly able to out maneuver the world’s so-called experts at every turn?


The FBI, DOJ, Intelligence communities, the Republican and Democratic establishment, NATO, the EU, China, North Korea, and every other issue Trump touches creates worry to those in power.  He is so open and transparent, no one dares to tread in his space of frank and genuine honesty.  Those in power are quick to label him a liar and untrustworthy, they follow their talking points and quickly fall in line where they belong to defend their place in the pecking orders of entrenched power.

Trump’s political strengths were honed by conducting business in the Liberal precincts of New York City, he leverages the political tactics of the Progressive Movement. Deception and misdirection, good cop bad cop, praise and condemnation, carrot and stick, etc.  He knows how to throw bombs to distract and to smoke out his opposition. Trump advances the values of a Republican philosophy by leveraging powerful  Democrat political tactics, it’s scary to watch.

Trump’s Helsinki meeting with Putin shows his mastery of people.  He deliberately violates the expected norms to flush out the strongest arguments from both sides. He plays the pacifist peacemaker with Putin while the Democrat Party and Media push a narrative that’s more in line with Dick Chaney’s world view.  The political establishment run to their predetermined positions, which are now critically observed in the light of real political pressure, everyone runs to their corners for the security of group think, but is it really safe there?

The world is ripe for improvement, maybe it’s time to make some worldwide changes too? Trump offers a fresh point of view on the established views of Global Elites. He exposes Germany’s hypocrisy of wanting to sanction Russia, while simultaneously working the Nord Stream 2 project pipeline to fill Russian bank accounts.  He pushes on the UK Brexit expectations to support the people who voted for change. He dares to challenge the EU, WTO, NATO and NAFTA and he has equally upset the apple cart by his positive treatment and comments on both North Korea and Russia.

If you love Trump or hate him he is the President and he is in control.  Make no mistake about it, he’s playing real-world politics with clarity and open communication. This should frighten everyone in power. Everyone with power is held in line by the power elites, those who control the political pressure on the system at large. Trump’s frank challenges to power are threatening.

Is he honest or deceptive, is he brilliant or an idiot? Regardless of the adjectives used to describe his leadership, he is tearing down barriers and upsetting the “business as usual” mentality among those holding power. Who will turn on who, who will turn on you? The fear grows ever greater to those in power. Real-change is here and Trump is leading the world with a fresh daring approach to challenge everything and everyone to discover paths to improvement.

It’s sad that the News Media and establishment people sound like weak-kneed Republicans. They parrot the standard line of, “standing on principle and showing patriotism to support law enforcement and the intelligence community.” The very institutions the left has been tearing down for generations, and Trump would argue “for good reason.” They have long been happy to fight against the Conservative Republicans but now they’re fighting one of their own with Donald Trump.

Where are the leaders who would stand on principle, show honor and respect for our institutions? They are all but gone, on both sides, thanks to the plummeting discourse in America.  It’s easy to blame Trump, but is he the cause of the chaos or the product of a corrupt system that the people now demand be righted?  Is Trump naive or a novice? Maybe he was elected because he showed such a tough character and a willingness to take on entrenched power?

The Trump phenomena has just begun. Imagine if he had the support of the Media and Congress what he could achieve to better the world.  This may frighten you … but to millions of people around the globe his leadership is exciting, refreshing and long overdue.

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